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Blindman CD & Album Desig

We had ‘carte-blanche’ on the design & concept of this cd album. BL!NDMAN saxophone quartet ‘Dust Makes Damage’ BMG – RCA Victor.
BL!NDMAN explores the music boundaries of sax playing and my aim as art director was to reveal this in the artwork. BL!NDMAN probably gets more out of the saxophone than his inventor ever suspected was possible. The four members of the quartet make just as much use of the squeaking springs and tapping mechanisms of the tonal qualities with which the instrument is blessed. They mould the sounds of the valves into full notes or let plopping and sucking sounds bubble out in the form of compelling melodies.
For this project I chose to work with photographer Kris Van Beek.

*  Concept / Design / Lay-out / Lettering / Typography / Photography / Print